The container is (almost) full: these twelve are with "Celebrity Big Brother" at the beginning

The container is (almost) full
These twelve are at the start of “Celebrity Big Brother”.

Some of them were already in the jungle camp. But because that is obviously not enough for them, they now also make themselves comfortable in the container. Sat.1 has now revealed twelve candidates for this year’s season of “Celebrity Big Brother”. Is that all?

The participants in the reality TV show “Celebrity Big Brother” this year are largely certain. After the first revelations in the past few days, Sat.1 has now announced six more names. One of them: Jay Khan.

These six are also there: Micaela Schäfer, Menderes Bagci, Doreen Steinert (above, from left to right), Rainer Gottwald, Jennifer Iglesias and Jörg Knör (below, from left to right).

(Photo: SAT.1 / Marc Rehbeck)

Born in London with Pakistani roots, he was active in the international boy band US5 from 2005. After that, the 40-year-old was on the road as a solo artist, and in 2021 he founded the hit boy band Team 5ünf with Marc Terenzi. Jay Khan took part in the RTL show “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here!” in 2011. part.

Tanja Tischewitsch also has jungle camp experience. The former participant in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS) was in the Australian jungle in 2015 before moving to the container.

Reality TV and home shopping

Sam Dylan would have liked to move to the jungle camp, but failed in 2021 in the “The Big Jungle Show” application format. The former “Prince Charming” participant can now try out “Celebrity Big Brother”.

The influencer Valentina Doronina, in turn, collected with the dating shows “Ex on the Beach” and “Are You The One?” Reality TV Experience. Diana Schell, on the other hand, has previously stood in front of the camera for the home shopping channel HSE. Most recently, she caused a stir when she undressed for “Playboy” at the age of 51.

Sat.1 had already indicated the participation of sports commentator Jörg Dahlmann via Twitter before the weekend. Now his trip to the container is also official.

Anything else coming?

A few days ago, Sat.1 also announced the first six celebrities who will be dealing with “Big Brother” this year. With “slug” Micaela Schäfer and the former DSDS permanent candidate Menderes Bagci, two other ex-jungle campers are part of the party. There are also “Popstars” winner Doreen Steinert, impersonator Jörg Knör, reality candidate Jennifer Iglesias and boxing manager Rainer Gottwald.

Is that all or are there more celebrities to come? Sat.1 has announced that it will follow up again on Thursday with the announcement of container residents. The tenth season of the show, which is scheduled to run until December 7th, starts the next day.

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