The consultation between the speech therapists and Vandenbroucke does not lead to an agreement: “The government is not able to find a solution”

“There is therefore for the moment no agreement for the years 2022 and 2023”, denounces Stefaan Lefevere, president of the Flemish Association of speech therapists. “The government is looking for a way out by imposing an agreement. »

Previously, the sector had requested a one-off budgetary effort of 33 million euros to increase the fees from 28.33 euros per half-hour session to 33.40 euros. At the beginning of the month, a few hundred speech therapists demonstrated in Brussels to argue that their profession is no longer viable and that many of them are therefore considering leaving it.

Minister Vandenbroucke then proposed an indexation of two percent from June 1. But the sector opposes it and says that it is only an anticipation in relation to the indexation planned for next year. The consequence of the failure of the negotiations is that the government will have to impose an agreement on the Insurance Committee on May 16. A missed opportunity, believe the associations.

“The government is clearly not in a position to find a negotiated solution with the speech therapists,” concludes Mr. Lefevere.

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