The Concertation Committee postponed until next week: the last chance codeco for the barometer!

Parliament must urgently lead the debate on compulsory vaccination. The Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit), was not there by four ways, insisting on the fact that a rate of 70 or 80% of vaccinated does not seem sufficient, that everyone must be if you want to get back to your normal life and that goes for hospitals at school.

Écolo is ready to start immediately, as soon as the Corona Commissioner, Pedro Facon, has submitted the study requested by the Consultative Committee (Codeco). This should be the case this weekend, but we should not expect Mr. Facon to indicate his preference for one of the ways of maximizing vaccination coverage (compulsory vaccination, 1G or 2G vaccination pass, etc. .): his report will detail the advantages and disadvantages of each system, leaving all options open …

Relifter barometer

There is another job that was asked of Pedro Facon: to refine a barometer. Yes, the famous barometer which has already taken water twice and which we are going to try to pass once, again; Frank Vandenbroucke is not the least ardent of his defenders.

The Consultative Committee of December 3 asked it “to develop a simplified management strategy anticipating, on the basis of phased, balanced and conditioned measures, the way in which a safe epidemiological situation by default can be reached”.

The objective is not to automate all decisions in all areas based on thresholds, but to provide a set of measures and protocols that would also allow sectors (events, culture, youth, sports, hospitality, etc. ) to organize or anticipate their activities according to the epidemiological evolution and the resulting scenarios.

Codeco very critical

The Corona Commissioner had come to the last Codeco with a system that assessed and classified risks and consisted of three levels of management. The main indicators in terms of (over) burden of health care were taken into account (in hospitals and general practitioners). It also took into account the reproduction rate (contamination), the positivity rate, etc.

A system that has not yet had the time to convince Codeco members. Walloon Minister-President Elio Di Rupo (PS) is said to have been rather critical, supporting the idea, but not finding this instrument sufficiently successful, which should play an important role in the months to come.

Critics were also heard on the Flemish side … To the point that some people could not believe at all in the effectiveness of such an instrument.

Not too rigid a system

In fact, we would always come up against the same stone: the politicians do not want to lock themselves in a too restrictive framework, therefore always wish to have the last word and not to rely on a (quasi) automaticity of measures. All the more so since the Omicron variant is a good example: each new variant has its own characteristics which will therefore not be locked away in this way.

The whole gamble of Commissioner Corona is to find this alchemy (impossible?) Which provides information on seriousness indicators, gives confidence to citizens and sectors without locking politicians into a too rigid system.

This is why the Codeco that we thought set for this Friday will rather take place next week. To give the Commissioner a little more time and allow him to present a tool that would finally be applauded. A third attempt which, if unsuccessful this time, may well be the last.

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