The complaint against L-Ghent for attempted murder was dismissed by the judge

L-Gante had a somewhat turbulent start to the year, before the complaint that Christian Manzanelli did after the confrontation that they starred in the presentation of the fight between Yao Cabrera and Chino Maidana. Together with his lawyer, Fernando Burlando, the ex-representative of the youtuber initiated a legal dispute that in the last hours he had a favorable result for the singer.

Recently, Alejandro Cipolla, the legal representative of the cumbiero, achieved the change of case cover to simple threats and the charges against the artist were toned down. Now, the new information that came to light indicates that the judge dismissed the investigation for attempted murder, that both Elián Valenzuela and his lawyer had described it as “ridiculous.”

L-Gante with his lawyer, Alejandro Cipolla.

As a result of Cipolla’s request on behalf of the interpreter, the case was declined and the file will be forwarded to the City’s Misconduct Justice. to investigate whether a threat may have actually existed. “Then, it will be the Criminal, Misconduct, and Misdemeanor Justice of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, who must address, ultimately, to the investigation of the event in question “, indicates the document.

The case against L-Ghent was dismissed by the Justice.

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