The comedy Bonjour Drunkenness! at the Children of Paradise theater

By Laura B. Posted on January 10, 2022 at 11:54 a.m.

The hit comedy “Bonjour Drunkenness!” is back in theaters in Paris! “Hello Drunkenness!” is scheduled at the Les Enfants du Paradis theater from January 21 to May 7, 2022. Its author, Franck Le Hen, shares the stage with Eléonore Sarrazin, David Ban and Laurence Joseph. Laughter always guaranteed.

Excellent news ! Hello Drunkenness! the play to success of Franck Le Hen who was – finally – back to Paris for the summer of 2021, at the Treviso theater, is extended, again and again. The comedy, after moving to the Apollo Theater (where it had already been performed several years ago) at the start of the last school year, arrives, in this year 2022, to Children of Paradise theater. It is on view every Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m. January 21 to May 7, 2022.

Contemporary author (actor and director) Franck Le Hen wrote Hello Drunkenness! in 2010. To date, this room already played more than 2,000 times is its biggest success. It is regularly performed in the provinces by different companies and has even been adapted in Canada and Argentina. For more than 10 years, around thirty actors have played the 4 characters of Hello Drunkenness! and, each time, Franck Le Hen adapt the text to each of them.

If at the creation of the play Benoît (the character embodied by Franck Le Hen) celebrated its 30th anniversary, 2022, he is at the dawn of his 40 years. On the eve of his birthday, he takes stock of his life: Did he accomplish everything on the list he wrote years ago? Between a socialite alcoholic best friend, a stuck sister and a surprise guest, this birthday party is likely to be eventful.

For the return of Hello Drunkenness! on the scene, Franck Le Hen summoned a new troupe of actors. He thus shares the stage with David Ban, Éléonore Sarrazin and Laurence Joseph (who thus succeeds in Clair Jaz who was injured).
David Ban played Danton in 1789 The Lovers of the Bastille as well as Porthos in The three Musketeers musical comedy version. He is also Valentin Carrier in More beautiful life.
Éléonore Sarrazin
is the actress who plays Sabrina in More beautiful life. She is the daughter of Ariane Carlettti (the host Ariane alongside Dorothée) and Rémy Sarrazin, musician of Les Musclés.

Our review :

More than 10 years after its creation, Hello Drunkenness always makes us laugh so much, and this although we have already seen it several times. If the strong markers of the piece are still present (pleasant soundtrack with Marc Lavoine, Madonna, Corona or the Great Sophie; decor with the portrait of Jakie Quartz …), each cover of the room gives us its share of surprises. Franck Le Hen always updates his text at the time (GreendR, Tik Tok filters, Zoom … are now mentioned) and especially to (new) actors who surround him on stage. Clair Jaz, who brings her own flair to the over-the-top Wanda, plays on her (supposed) resemblance to singer Bibi. As for Éléonore Sarazin, who we got to know as Sabrina in More beautiful life, with her glasses and her ponytail, she embodies a character far removed from that of the series. In the role of Marie, she also succeeds Léa François, one of her partners in the fiction of France 3.

Nevertheless, Franck Le Hen and his troupe perform new unseen scenes, like the one where it is about animal cries or this frenzied dance of Benoît (Franck Le Hen) to a song by Lil Nas X.

We still love the flashback in the 80s / 90s and its costumes, each more ridiculous than the next.

The salt of the Hello Drunkenness remain in these unspoken and misunderstandings which provoke laughter in the room. But also in this spirit of troop and this complicity that the actors were able to create. On stage, they like to surprise each other, an improvisation here, a long drag there. We can see that the actors struggle not to laugh (too much) at each other. It makes it all the more delicious.

A shared good mood, contagious. How nice to see them so happy to perform on stage.

Piece seen during the summer of 2021 with Clair Jaz and Cyril Garnier.

Hello Drunkenness!, a room Not to be missed !

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