The coaching operator committed the murder after asking for money back for not passing the REET exam. The accused who killed Harsh was caught.

The coaching operator murdered after asking for money for not passing the REET exam, murdered after asking for money in the name of passing the REET exam, the killer Sanjay told the police the reason for the murder, Sanjay And both Harsha were allies,

In today’s era, youth are working hard for years with the hope that they can get a government job. But there are some students who do not want to work hard and keep looking for ways to get themselves selected through money. Similar case in Udaipur It has been seen that the director of Udaipur’s well-known coaching institute Raghunandan Classes has brutally murdered his own colleague Harsh due to money.

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The matter is that the REET 2021 exam was held on 26 September 2021. The coaching operator of Udaipur along with Harsh made a promise to get dozens of children to pass with good marks in REET 2021. On the pretext of examination, each student would be charged ₹ 150000. He took an amount of ₹ 250000. There was an argument between Sanjay and Harsh over money. Due to which Sanjay, along with his other friends, killed his own colleague Harsh. Let us know what is the whole matter.

Sanjay’s colleague Harsh Raghunandan used to prepare for competitive examinations in coaching center and used to get admission of students

According to the information received, Harsh used to prepare for competitive exams from Raghunandan coaching center. Together, they used to collect money from the students on the pretext of getting the students passed.

Sanjay told this reason behind killing his colleague Harsh

There were some students in the REET 2021 exam, who could not pass. That is why he was constantly asking for his money from Sanjay. According to the information received, Sanjay, the owner of Raghunandan Coaching Center, the coaching operation of Udaipur, had returned the money of some students. l But he could not return the money of some students. The money had been spent by Sanjay, so both Sanjay and Harsh were having a dispute over money.

Due to which Sanjay along with one of his relatives and a friend planned to kill Harsh before Diwali. Allies are waiting for him for the party. That’s why Harsh reached the place called on Sanjay’s call. There, Sanjay’s relatives and friends all drank alcohol together and finally hit a beer bottle on Harsh’s head.

After this, everyone together attacked Harsh with a stone and killed Harsha. -Run to their house. Pushkar and Dinesh together with Sanjay executed Harsh’s murder. Sanjay also gave ₹ 50000 to Pushkar and Dinesh to do this work.

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