The climate crisis and social divides as the main global risks in 2022

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According to the report released on Tuesday and produced by the organizer of the Davos Forum, world leaders must adopt “a coordinated multi-stakeholder response” to resolve these systemic problems.

Climate dominates long-term global concerns, survey finds as social divides, livelihood crises and deteriorating mental health worry in the short term as the world enters its third year pandemic.

Without a change of course, the climate crisis risks causing global GDP to fall by a sixth and the commitments made at COP26 remain insufficient to achieve the objective of a drop in temperatures of 1.5 degrees, the report underlines.

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The Covid-19 crisis as well as its economic and societal consequences also continue to represent a “major threat” for the whole world, adds the survey. Immunization inequality and the resulting mixed economic recovery risk deepening social divides and geopolitical tensions.

Most of the experts consulted also believe that the global economic recovery will be volatile and uneven over the next three years.

“Health and economic disruptions worsen social divisions”, analyzes Saadia Zahidi, director general of the World Economic Forum. “This is creating tensions at a time when collaboration within societies and the international community is becoming fundamental to ensuring a smoother and faster global recovery. World leaders must unite and take a coordinated, multistakeholder approach to address the relentless global challenges and build resilience ahead of the next crisis. ”

The report therefore encourages world leaders to create policies that manage risk and shape the agenda for years to come, breaking out of the cycle of quarterly reporting.

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