The CHU of Nîmes still in tension despite the creation of posts

The passage of Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT this Thursday, November 10, made it possible to highlight the demands of the staff on strike at the CHU.

“There is no need to tell you that you have a vocation, you already know that.” Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT, assured the staff of the Nîmes hospital center of his support this Thursday, November 10 at the entrance to the Carémeau emergency room. “You are being asked not to defend yourself on the grounds that there is worse in front of you every day, but that is indecency.”

A welcome highlight

“It raises the demands of our territories at the national level. There are also the CHUs of Bagnols and Alès who need it as much”, appreciates Kathy about the presence of the secretary general.

Medical secretary in the hematology department, she also insists on the universality of staff shortages encountered by employees, whether or not they are caregivers. , but we are on the front line and we are also short of people. And we are told of sharing between services…”

“You see, they do not need me to express their demands, says Philippe Martinez. I just came to listen to them. And when I have the opportunity, bring these demands to the ministers.”

Administrative staff are also under pressure.
Midi Libre – Geoffrey Gavalda

Lack of staff

In fact, the problem of the workforce is at the center of all the demands. Who unrespected leave, who unreplaced sickness and maternity leave… “The accumulation of unpaid and unrecovered overtime until 2021 corresponds to 84 full-time jobs“, declared at the microphone Nathalie Argenson, the CGT union representative of the CHU.

A figure confirmed by the management which nevertheless specifies that since January 1, 2022, all overtime would have been either paid or recovered. She also adds that since 2019, 800 positions have been created at the CHU.

The accumulation of unpaid and unrecovered overtime until 2021 corresponds to 84 full-time jobs.
Nathalie Argenson, CGT union representative of the CHU.

Hospital center activity reports however, do not mention an increase in all professions and all contracts combined (full-time or not) than around 500 agents.

A little bit less 400 of these positions no more than three years old concern nursing staff. The rest is technical (workers) and administrative, including medical secretaries. Administrative staff have been increased by around forty people since the start of the pandemic, across an establishment which employs nearly 7,300 people.

This November 10, Philippe Martinez was at the head of the procession for the demonstration from the Maison Carrée at 2:30 p.m., with a watchword: increase wages, lower the retirement age.

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Maternity negotiations

2 This is the number of nursing assistants (AS) assigned at night to the obstetrical blocks of the Carémeau maternity hospital, which has seven delivery rooms. Insufficient, for the staff, midwives included, who went on strike three days in a row to win their case: the creation of an additional night AS position. Victory “thanks to a mobilization followed unanimously by the whole service” declared the CGT. The human resources department ensures that it is seriously considering this possibility “in view of the closure of maternity wards around. We have gone from 2,000 deliveries a few years ago to nearly 2,300 and we could be led to exceed 3,000 in the future”. The Kennedy clinic had in fact merged its maternity center with that of the Polyclinique Grand Sud at the end of 2021, the closure of that of Ganges is planned for the end of the year and that of Arles is also threatened.

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