The chronicle of Christine Clerc: "But what is Brigitte doing? Where is Valérie going?"

In her column on Sunday January 9, journalist Christine Clerc evokes the cause of women and its stake in the upcoming presidential election.

Soon, Brigitte Macron will take to the road to promote, as Bernadette Chirac did, the Yellow Pieces operation… and her husband’s candidacy. Did this project prevent her from having a word for the “great cause of the five-year term”, the fight against violence against women?

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But what is Brigitte doing? Where is Valérie going?

Last year, 220,000 French women lodged a complaint against their own husbands. 113 have succumbed. In the first three days of 2022, three women have already been beaten. The whole of France should have been outraged. But no. The Minister of Justice Eric Dupond-Moretti, in a bad mood as usual, stormed in the National Assembly against the deputies who dared to challenge him on these “feminicides” and compare the results of France with that of Spain (where their number has been divided by four in less than ten years).

As for Emmanuel Macron, he had more urgent things to do: launch the campaign for his re-election by threatening “the unvaccinated, I’ll piss them off.” Seven interview pages in Today. But only three lines on these crimes, “a shame for our country”. Could the fate of women beaten to death weigh less than that of the unvaccinated? Wouldn’t the new health obligations have the sole purpose of protecting us? Would they also aim to sow discord in the opposition?

Valérie Pécresse, Anne Hildalgo …

The cause of women should have brought us together. We believed it by reading the column co-signed in The world by Valérie Pécresse and the fiery deputy LR of Lot Aurélien Pradié, promoted secretary general of the party. “As long as there is a woman who is a victim of domestic violence, they proclaimed, she will have us by her side! “. But the next day at the Palais Bourbon arose, the debate on the health pass. Pradié votes against, accusing Macron of having “crossed the red line”.

Pécresse, who spoke in favor, plays the mother of a “family where not everyone thinks the same” and tries to counterattack. The President said “Fuck it” ? In Cavaillon, where she held her first meeting, the candidate LR brandished the “Kärcher” by Sarkozy. Will Macron succeed in pushing more to the right this daughter of a Provençal professor that the macronists love to call “la Versaillaise”?

Far, so far from the arena, Anne Hidalgo must have felt alone yesterday in the cemetery of Jarnac, meditating on the fourteen years of François Mitterrand’s reign. She who dreamed of uniting the left to become the first President! Loss of confidence in his promises? Lack of charisma? It is to Christiane Taubira that voters are now turning in search of oratory skills. The former boss of a luxury group confides in me that she voted for Guyanese which brought down Jospin. “Her speech on slavery was so magnificent! Like, later, the one she gave as Minister of Justice in favor of marriage for all…”. Yes, we miss such emotions. But who will be able to conquer fear and create enthusiasm?

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