The Christmas Show, Serena Autieri and Raoul Bova: “Our Christmas movie for the whole family”

Christmas air and a film for everyone: the director Alberto Ferrari and the protagonists Serena Autieri and Raoul Bova talk about The Christmas Show in our video interview.

The magic of Christmas, a reality show, the emotions that lead the way. Italian cinema has (re)discovered family movies, and so Alberto Ferrari writes and directs The Christmas Show, designed for a truly transversal audience who, between smiles and laughter, explains how necessary magic is. Today more than ever. In fact, comedies should bring families back to theaters, and the film in question also and especially appeals to the little ones, accompanied by their parents, uncles and grandparents. “We wrote the film during the lockdown, we wanted to feel a spark of rebirth”the director tells us, “And what better time than Christmas? At the heart is a kind of rebellion against life: a family that becomes a character, and will make life unleash again creating hope. Each character has its own evolution. I like comedies at the Frank Capra, magical realism helps us face reality…”

The Christmas Show, the review: a Christmas mood for a tender but puny family movie

The video interview with Serena Autieri, Raoul Bova, Alberto Ferrari

“Christmas has changed, it’s inside the house, with one’s family. The Christmas Show is set in a house, which is the protagonist of the film. A location that changes according to the characters. When the house lights up, the film lights up”goes on Serena Autieri who in the film plays Sofia, a widowed mother with two children, Alice and Ricky. She has a normal job, a normal family, normal days, between work – she’s a doctor – and a proven routine. She is accustomed to Christmas, she decides to participate in a reality show that should make her dreams and hopes rekindle. Not only that, the reality show will bring Sofia closer to Pierre, her mysterious neighbor. To interpret it, Raul Bova who during the meeting said: “Cinema found itself in difficulty under the pandemic, but the intention was to bring the film to the big screen. I wanted to go back to shooting, I liked the character, the story too. who lives Christmas in a tiring way”.

An ensemble film

The Christmas Show 4

The Christmas Show: Serena Autieri and Raoul Bova in a scene from the film

One of the peculiarities of The Christmas Show is its chorality, explained thus by Alberto Ferrari: “Cinema is also an opportunity to be together, this is an ensemble film, made up of many characters who function as a choir. I wanted everyone to be represented in the best possible way. After all, the meaning is to believe in Santa Claus again”. “Shooting this film was a magical moment, we were involved in this fairy tale”continues Serena Autieri, “and the director gave us this sense of tenderness and sweetness. And then we had fantastic companions in adventure, such as Francesco Pannofino, Tulio Solenghi and Ornella Muti”.

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