THE CHOSEN GRANDDAUGHTER | Luisa has in her "hand" to rose


Laura says that nothing can stay like this. Milan does not want to get into any trouble. She wants to show him that she is willing to do anything. Milan considers that it is not necessary. She tells him that Juan Esteban and Louise they have the evidence to blame their mom, she tells her because she doesn’t want any more secrets and misunderstandings.

Laura is upset with Pink and Nicolás for having lent himself to what they did to Milan. He forgives that and thinks it’s to pay the price for what he did in the past. Laura knows that they consisted of her. Milan thinks her mom is good at making people look bad.

Daniela is worried when she arrives at the Roldán house. Olivia arrives right after them and tells her and Germán that he missed them at her wedding.

Rosa tells Nicolás that it looks like a gangster party. They lived tries to locate Braulio to notify him of the change.

Augusto lets Olivia know that he was surprised by her engagement to Adrián. María Consuelo wants to talk to Adrián alone. Olivia tells Augusto that she has had to put up with a lot of things from her family.

Vivian locates Braulio and tells him that they changed the place of the party and that everything seems like a trap. He takes matters into his own hands while Vivian is uncomfortable being in that situation.

María Consuelo notices that Adrián is like a zombie, she asks him how everything they talked about turned out. Adrián doesn’t want to continue against Olivia.

Braulio gives Ignacio the orders, asks him to go first so he can tell him where Luisa is so he can go later.

Nicolás shows his support for Viviana and reminds her that Luisa’s commitment to Juan Esteban is not the end of the world. Vivian wants him to respect her more and for her not to treat him like a victim.

Milan goes looking for Arvey and is upset because he knows he helped get him locked up. Arvey says he didn’t know the gun was to set him up. Milan offers to work for Arvey in his restaurant, but he assures that it is the only thing he knows how to do and it is not his thing to change his life.

Rosa asks Luisa for the video of her confession. But she will keep it because she is insurance for her not to bother him anymore. Then Adrián appears who wants to talk to her.

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