THE CHOSEN GRANDDAUGHTER | Laura finds out what Rosa did


Nicholas blames Pink Why did he do it. Laura listens to the conversation. According to Rosa, she did not want to be the one to blame for leaving him in jail for so long. Nicolás tells her that he knows she is hiding something.

Maria Consuelo She is scared because she noticed that Olivia got nervous when they asked her to see Adrián. She fears from rumors that she killed her ex-husband. Sara recommends that someone else go see him to see how he is doing, she also mentions that she has the support of the family.

Clemencia tells Olivia that things are out of control, for telling Roberto to hit her, fighting with Sara and María Consuelo. She asks him to be careful, but Olivia is very drunk and they get upset, she asks Clemencia to leave.

Braulio hands Ignacio a revolver, it would be in case things get out of control while he looks for Louise.

Vivian is angry about having to go to Juan Esteban’s engagement with Luisa. She thinks that everything is going wrong in her family. She believes that she may not be able to celebrate who she took the boyfriend from her.

Laura tells Rosa to leave her show because she knows she put the gun in to frame him. She knows that he changed and she feels betrayed by Vivian.

María Consuelo calls Adrián to find out how he is. But he denies what Olivia did to him and says that he is fine. Also, she mentions that she is going to the engagement party.

Milan is happy for Luisa, he knows that Juan Esteban is a good guy.

Sara does not want to be bitter seeing Olivia, but María Consuelo considers that it is the only way to see Adrián, she promises to behave.

While Nicolás was on his way to Luisa and Juan Esteban’s engagement, he tells Rosa and Vivian that they changed the place of the party. Vivian gets upset because she hadn’t been told anything.

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