The celebrities got away – but Tobias Rahim cheated everyone at the GAFFA award

‘I work part-time at Mucki Bar’

This is how Tobias Rahim sings on the track ‘Mucki Bar’, for which he won the GAFFA award for Danish Hit of the Year on Thursday. But when the award was to be received, he cheated everyone in the audience.

Because it wasn’t the fictitious commitments at the uncle’s bar that kept Tobias Rahim from showing up at Musikhuset in Aarhus. But he had still sent a lookalike to accept the award for him, writes the media Aarhus Wednesday.

According to the media, the tall imitation with the musician’s well-known Mohican hair went on stage and thanked the award with a short murmur, before it dawned on most people that it was not Tobias Rahim in his own tall person, who had accepted the last statuette of the evening.

Tobias Rahim’s management explains to Aarhus Onsdag that he himself did not come due to preparations for his upcoming tour.

Tobias Rahim sent an imitation in his place when the GAFFA award 2023 was awarded in Musikhuset Aarhus, Thursday 2 March 2023.
Photo: Bo Amstrup

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In fact, there weren’t really any of the well-known names who turned up at Musikhuset in Aarhus on Thursday evening to receive their awards.

Benjamin Hav let his so-called family members receive the award when the band Benjamin Hav & Familien won for Live Name of the Year, while Simon Kvamm also let a Hugorm band member go on stage to accept the award for Danish Rock Release of the Year.

The big winner of the evening, Andreas Odbjerg, was also not present when he won the awards for Danish Soloist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year, as well as the Danish Release of the Year and Danish Pop Release of the Year for his album ‘Hjem fra fabrikken’.

The young rising stars in Blæst all came on stage and were honored as New Name of the Year, while Per Vers himself also accepted the award for Danish Hip-Hop Release of the Year.

There were also several well-known people present – but they were the ones who had to perform.

Thomas Skov was the host, and then, among others, Pernille Rosendahl and Swan Lee performed at the festivities.

It is Gaffa’s readers who have had the opportunity to vote for both the national and international nominees in the total of 17 categories.

The GAFFA award was presented on Thursday evening in the Musikhuset in Aarhus.

The event was also streamed live on the medium’s website and C More, where it can still be seen.

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