The CD&V wants to turn off the street lights in Flanders this winter

Last year, the Flemish municipalities spent 198 million euros on electricity for street lighting. A bill that promises to be even more important this year.

Flemish MP Robrecht Bothuyne estimates that the proposal would save more than 50 million euros, “without sacrificing too much on safety and comfort”.

The Flemish Christian Democrats also believe that the light should be turned off on regional roads, the bill for which (15.6 million euros last year) is borne by Flanders.

In Wallonia, since this week, the motorways (with the exception of interchanges) are no longer lit between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. The savings potential generated by this decision amounts to around 400,000 euros in energy prices in 2022 and could be much higher in 2023.

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