The cannibal of Thailand, who liked to eat the heart and liver of children! China’s army was addicted

Thailand’s most brutal serial killer Si Kwa Sai-ung was cremated after 60 years. During World War II, he became addicted to human flesh, after which he killed several children in Thailand and ate their liver and heart.

During the Second World War, when soldiers did not get food in the battlefield, they used to try to stay alive by eating dead bodies, then the soldiers were compelled to do so.

Addicted like this- When the soldiers came out of this world war and came to the real world, everyone came back to the old way of life, but this did not happen to everyone. Si Qu Sai-ung, a Chinese soldier who had fought in World War II, got into the habit of eating human flesh. When the war ended, he came to Thailand from China.

When Si Quay reached Thailand, he started working as a gardener here. During this time, he used to get normal food, but his urge to eat human flesh was increasing day by day. When he could not live with him, he started picking up the children from there.

Used to eat liver-heart- Si Quai would first pick up the children, then torture them to death. After this, many organs including his liver-heart would be removed and eaten. One by one, he made six children his victims. Si Quay was easily hunting himself, avoiding the eyes of the police and the public, but one day people saw him burning a dead body.

Si quay, who was living alone in Thailand, was burning whose body… Thinking this made the locals suspicious and called the police. The police came and arrested Sea Quay and took him to the police station. When Si Quai started being questioned there, he started misleading the police.

Caught like this- Si Qué could not lie to the police for long and spilled the whole story. The police were shocked to learn that the children she was looking for had been killed and eaten by the killer. He was accused of killing six children.

A court hearing was held and the serial killer was sentenced to death. Then in Thailand the death penalty was carried out by shooting. In 1959, Si Quay was executed by shooting, but even after this he was not cremated. He was cremated after 60 years.

Funeral after 60 years Following the death, a doctor at the local Siriraj Hospital requested that CQ’s body be preserved so that his brain could be studied. The request was granted and his body was kept inside a glass box at the Siriraj Medical Museum. After 60 years, CQ’s body was cremated.

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