The “butter board”, the latest aperitif trend that will make you salivate (or sicken you)

Butter. This gustatory pleasure to which nothing is needed other than a piece of bread to sublimate it. The succulent product now also has its own TikTok trend. And it bears the name of “Butter board”, or the “butter board”. The principle? Simply butter, but nicely presented on a board.

Forget the charcuterie boards, or even cheese. To be “in”, it’s a plate of… butter that must now be offered to your guests during an aperitif dinner. This recipe has gone viral on the TikTok social network, where the #butterboard hashtag is collecting millions of views.

The idea is very simple: present butter (semi-salted, preferably) in an aesthetic way. Thus, a board becomes the canvas of your work of art, on which you spread the dairy product nicely, which you garnish with edible flowers, fresh herbs or even dried fruits. It is then enough to taste, as a spread, with hot bread.

At the origin of this trend is Justine Doiron, food influencer followed by 1.9 million people on TikTok. Its version based on dried flowers and honey quickly inspired other gourmands, who offered their interpretations of the trend, decorated with fresh fruit, cream and more.

A trends very attractive, but… indigestible? Doesn’t the “butter board” boil down to spreading a good dose of cholesterol? Asked by the New York Post, Caroline Susie, spokesperson for the Academy of Dieticians and Nutrition, recalls that “butterboards may be pretty, remember that you are eating butter which is a food rich in fat saturated, known to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease”. Especially since some have even nicknamed these “Butter boards”, the “heart attack on a board” (understand, “heart attack on a board”). To be enjoyed in moderation!


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