The Boys: Why Homeland Doesn’t Use All His Powers

The Homelander is the most powerful individual in The Boys universe. However, he doesn’t always behave this way.

It is noticeable that the character only makes limited use of his powers. Did you know that there is an explanation for this?

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Well, at least that’s how it is in the comics. The creator of the comics, Garth Ennis, once explained that he considers the Homelander to be a well of negativity.

However, despite his insanity, he is well aware of his limits. Homelander knows that if he totally lost control, Vought would have the resources to completely wipe him out.

In this way, the character acts in a way not to abuse his own luck. He is only powerful to the limit of the capacity he has imposed himself, even though he knows he would be capable of much more.

Homelander limits his own powers

It is assumed that this could also be the case for Homelander from The Boys series. In the adaptation, he also seems to hold back at various times.

However, one detail that is well established in The Boys is that while Homeland is a satire of Superman, he is not as powerful as the Man of Steel.

Superman is an alien whose powers are fueled by the Sun’s own energy. The Homelander, on the other hand, is simply a laboratory creation.

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