The Boys: the third season on Amazon Prime Video will talk about toxic masculinity

A great premiere will be the protagonist of Amazon Prime Video this week: it’s about The Wheel of Time, a series based on books that already generates expectations in the users of the platform and that will release its episodes on November 19th. However, another launch is brewing and more and more advancements that revolutionize their followers on social networks.

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Is about The Boys, the star fiction of the streaming platform. After two successful seasons, the series will return very soon at the request of viewers. And it is that the great bet of Prime Video turned out to be a phenomenon thanks to its new look at superheroes. Throughout its episodes, it raises what would happen if they were as well known as celebrities and even more influential than politicians and the possibility that from that they abuse their powers instead of doing good.

Very different from what Marvel Studios o DC Films viewers are used to it, this series uses irony and is much more direct and explicit when it comes to telling its story. It is not about heroes who save humanity and are friendly, but with black humor and a very original plot, a completely different universe arises. And that is why users did not stop demanding a third installment.

The Boys 3 is in full production and is expected to have its official launch for 2022, still no confirmed date. His followers have already recognized new additions to the cast and little by little more details about this part are released. Recently, it was announced that it will be the season “Bloodiest” and that it will be a “Meditation on toxic masculinity”. This was assured by his showrunner Eric Kripke in dialogue with Vanity Fair.

This season is about what is happening in our world, as always. We found a way to delve even deeper into the characters, and really we take them all to the limit”Assured the producer. He also added: “The third part will delve much more into the story of how we got here through the character of Soldier Boy. We have been able to delve so deeply into the history of the country and also analyze toxic masculinity and male roles, and the spectacle they have generated.”.

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