“The Boys”: the secrets behind ‘Herogasm’, the most disturbing chapter

  • The sixth episode of the third season of “The Boys” will be the most explicit so far.
  • “Herogasm” consists of six volumes that were published as a spin-off of “The Boys”.
  • How to watch “The Boys” season 3 episodes?

From its first season “The Boys” has been characterized by its bloody and explicit scenesIn fact, the third installment of the Amazon Prime Video series began with a very shocking scene, but it is nothing compared to what will be seen in ‘Herogasm’ (3×06), which premieres on June 24, 2022.

However, any of the extremely graphic scenes fall short of the brutality displayed in the comic book series written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Darick Robertson, on which the fiction developed by Eric Kripke is based.

‘, consists of six volumes that were published as a spin-off of “” in November 2009, and it is one of the most explicit arcs in comics. Even, shared a warning about the next chapter:

This episode portrays a massive superhero orgy, aerial penetrations, mutilations with vibrators, extra-strength lube, icicle-like phalluses, and swearing. It is not suitable for any public”.

“Herogasm”, the comic on which chapter 6 of the third season of “The Boys” is based, has quite explicit scenes (Photo: Dynamite Entertainment)


In the source material it is an annual event organized by Vought so that the super associates of the company have a vacation and can unleash their darkest desires. To prevent the rest of the world from finding out the truth, the sinister company fakes a fake space crisis and enlists the help of every available superhero.

In an interview with , Eric Kripke revealed that the chapter written by Jessica Chou and directed by Nelson Cragg will be “one of the most explicit hours of television ever seen,” adding: “You’ll have to go to porn to see something more graphic”.

He also confessed that even he was surprised by what they managed to include in ‘Herogasm’. “When Nelson was showing us what he had planned, I was like, ‘Wow, can we really show all of that?’ They checked it out and there are these hilarious rules about how many times you can simulate fucking, whether or not you can show an erect penis and how long you can show a private part. There are all those rules, but we were within those margins. So the answer was we could show it”, he indicated.

It’s a great episode for many reasons, not just because there’s a massive superhero orgy. We really wanted to bring relevant twists and big reveals, because we didn’t want it to be just a Skinemax episode. [un canal pornográfico canadiense]”, commented the showrunner of “”.

For their part, many members of the film crew were traumatized by the recording of ‘herogasm‘. “Even the director didn’t know what he was shooting anymore. Our team seemed traumatized”, explained Jensen Ackles to . “I was working that day and I walked up to our cameraman who was having a sandwich off set and said, ‘How’s it going? And he said to me: ‘Well I saw something very crazy today!‘”.

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