The Boys season 3: The toxic masculinity at the heart of the plot?

If the filming of season 3 of The Boys is well and truly finished, still no release date on the horizon! Fortunately, Amazon Prime Video is trying to unveil some promo videos, but also announces the arrival of new Supes, such as Gunpowder (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden), whose costumes have just been revealed. . Regarding the plot of the next episodes, several stories from the previous season will be explored, but showrunner Eric Kripke is keen to stay true to a certain topicality in each of his new salvos. As he reveals to TV Guide, this sequel will allow us to reflect on the question of toxic masculinity !

The Boys — Crédit(s) : amazon prime video

This season is about what’s going on in our world, as usual. We found a way to take the characters even deeper and really pushed them all to their limits. “, he begins to explain before adding: “That’s why this season 3 of The Boys will be a meditation on toxic masculinity.” When we talk about these terms, we immediately think of Homelander and his misogynistic attitude.. In a way, Butcher could also be called that, even though his demeanor is different from that of the Supe.

Of course, the new superheroes introduced in Season 3 of The Boys are much worse than those two. In a nutshell, toxic masculinity is defined as “the constellation of socially regressive masculine traits in the service of domination, devaluation of women, homophobia and gratuitous violence”. No doubt, we imagine that many will feel targeted! While waiting for the trailer for season 3 of The Boys, know that the spin-off on the series has been officially commissioned by Prime Video.

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