The Boys 3, the review of the sixth episode: no sex, we are superheroes (?)

The review of the sixth episode of the third season of The Boys (3×06), which adapts the epochal moment of the comic source known as Herogasm.

The Boys 3: the sixth episode disclaimer

It’s been almost two years since Eric Kripke announced on Twitter what the content of what we talk about in this would be. review of The Boys 3×06: the adaptation of Herogasm, the storyline that all fans of the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comics remember with affection and a bit of disgust, since in that place the screenwriter, known for his irreverent approach to any topic (just remember when, at Marvel, wrote a story where the Punisher takes it out on Wolverine, stripping his face and shooting him point-blank on the zebedees), he gave the maximum vent to his irreverent instincts with a story steeped in sex and violence in astonishing quantities even by the standards of the newspaper (in fact that storyline was released as a separate miniseries). A highly anticipated event, on which Amazon has aimed with a full-blown marketing campaign (which we will return to elsewhere in this article), exploiting the effect of the weekly distribution of the episodes.

All together (very) passionately

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The Boys 3: Antony Starr as the Patriot

In the comics, Herogasm It is a vacation that the Supers allow themselves to take a break from everything and everyone, essentially giving themselves to crazy joy in the form of an orgy (in Homelander’s case, this above all means reaffirming one’s superiority by treating Soldier Boy as a sex slave). Even in The Boys TV version it works like this, complete with an annual event that coincides with an important anniversary in this round. Butcher, increasingly intent on eliminating Homelander once and for all, decides to go there with Soldier Boy, who has accepted a tenuous alliance with the Boys after they have helped him to eliminate almost all the old teammates (missing the appeal especially Black Noir). The various members of the team thus find themselves in a house where everything and more happens, testing their degree of tolerance for various fetishes (especially for Mother’s Milk, which has never fully recovered from the close encounter with Love. Sausage in the second season). Fireworks are on the horizon, but will they be literal or just metaphorical?

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The power of the disclaimer

The Boys 9

The Boys: Karl Urban in a scene from the series

The most shameless marketing moment for this episode came with the release of a promo (which Kripke claims contains the only images that could be included without censorship), which begins with this explanatory text: “ATTENTION. This episode features a super Super Orgy, aerial penetration, dildo mutilation, extra strong lube, phallic popsicles and bad language. Viewing is not recommended at all.“A sincere and at the same time caustic warning, which effectively summarizes, even if a little moderately, the disruptive exuberance of a chapter that tries to do the impossible – adapt in a fairly faithful way a story that for reasons of content is practically impossible to transpose intact, even on streaming platforms – and it succeeds with the right dose of philology mixed with the coherent continuation of what has already been started in recent weeks. And yes, even after seeing scenes like the cameo of Love Sausage in 2020 or the ‘entry of Termite into the premiere this season, the visual impact of what Kripke and his collaborators have managed to do is not indifferent.

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The Boys 11

The Boys: A scene from the series with Karl Urban and Jack Quaid

But Herogasm it’s not just an excuse to stage the most depraved situations that Amazon’s censorship office can accept. Because in the midst of so many organs and orifices remains the evolution of the main characters, in particular the trio Butcher-Homelander-Soldier Boy, and the orgy is part of their path, with hilarious and surprising results. It is, for now, the pinnacle of what the show has always pursued as the main discourse: the analysis of a society where the boundary between human and Super, and even more so that between good and evil, is extremely blurred, with a background based on increasingly extreme, but never free ideas (at this point, the choice of killing the invisible man by blowing up a bomb in the rectum is practically something for children). And the question becomes inevitable: what now? Question to which, at the moment, we do not know how to answer, for the simple reason that the sixth was the last of the episodes that the press was able to preview before the debut of the season. Now, after the orgy, all that remains is to wait: a coitus interruptus a week for everyone.


Closing the review of The Boys 3×06 we reiterate that this is the craziest, most surprising and sincere episode that the series has packaged so far.

Because we like it

  • The orgy will not leave you indifferent, for better or for worse.
  • The mixture of formal irreverence and narrative and thematic sincerity reaches mind-boggling levels.
  • The actors are getting better and better.

What’s wrong

  • As the disclaimer says, if you get offended easily this episode is even more unsuitable than usual.

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