The Boys 3, review of the fifth episode: preparing the soldier

The review of the fifth episode of the third season of The Boys (3×05), where the role of Soldier Boy begins to clearly emerge.

The Boys: Laz Alonso during a scene from the series

With the review of The Boys 3×05 we have passed the halfway point of the third year, a season that is establishing itself as the craziest and most ambitious of the show, between musical numbers and found more and more extreme in terms of violence. It is a world where the line between good and evil is becoming increasingly blurred, especially in these episodes after the introduction of the temporary Compound V which gives the user superpowers for 24 hours (with hilarious application in the case of Hughie, who manages to teleport himself but he always arrives naked at his destination), a storyline that begins to lay the foundations for what in theory could be the show’s final narrative arc, should he decide to adapt a specific aspect of the comics (at the moment we don’t know if the fourth season, already announced, it will be the last, but given the habits of streaming platforms it would not be excluded).

New strategies

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The Boys 3: an image from the third season

This season of The Boys began with Butcher having a specific plan: to find the weapon that would kill Soldier Boy, as potentially the safest and most reliable way to eliminate Homelander once and for all, who in the meantime is morphing into a dictator within Vought after Stan Edgar’s ouster. Except it turns out Soldier Boy is still alive, spent years in suspended animation, and now ready to reintegrate into the world, one corpse at a time (preferably starting with teammates who gave him up for dead). And while the Boys are wondering what to do, especially after discovering that the ex-superhero is able to seriously injure Kimiko by neutralizing her healing powers, Butcher begins to think in other words: what if it were possible to convince the soldier to to kill the leader of the Seven?

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Extreme reunion

The Boys 3 Jensen Ackles Soldier Boy

The Boys 3: Jensen Ackles anticipates Soldier Boy’s look

Upstream, one of the main topics of conversation on these eight episodes concerned the entry into the cast of Jensen Ackles, not only for the type of character he would have played (even if compared to the paper version we are in more negative territories as a characterization), but also for his being again in the service of Eric Kripke, who effectively consecrated the actor as an important television face thanks to Supernatural (the series ended in the fall of 2020, but Kripke had actually already abandoned it in 2010 after having completed the story he had in mind). And finding them together after a decade is actually one of the strengths of the third vintage, which exploits Ackles’ natural charisma to seduce the viewer before stunning him with the unethical behaviors of Soldier Boy, reinvented as someone capable of being “worse than Homelander“(word of those directly involved) and definitely up to this description.

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The Boys 3: Jack Quaid in one scene

His is a precious addition, which at this point redefines the narrative parameters of the season and lays the foundations for a few weeks based on great violence, and more (remember that the next episode is Herogasm, what Kripke himself considers the greatest milestone ever achieved by the show in terms of direct transposition of comic elements). And if Ackles can directly compete with Antony Starr and Karl Urban in the category of the greatest carrion among the main characters, it also remains remarkable how the series does not lose sight of the purely human factor, as always perfectly expressed by the very vulnerable performance of Jack Quaid. , who is naked even more this season than before, and not just in the teleportation scenes. All in the name of a visual and emotional impact which, like two years ago with the second season, fully justifies the decision to return to old habits and make the episodes available on a weekly basis, to give each chapter the right space. to breathe.


We close the review of The Boys 3×05, reiterating how it is the episode that highlights the added value of Jensen Ackles in the role of the crazy Soldier Boy.

Because we like it

  • The strong scenes continue to make their mark.
  • Jensen Ackles fits in perfectly with the spirit of the show.
  • Jack Quaid is a very precious human presence.

What’s wrong

  • As always, some extreme gags can be too loud for the most sensitive viewers.

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