The Boys: 2 Unexpected Heroes Are as Powerful as Homeland

Homeland is the most menacing character on The Boys, being basically an evil version of Superman. Interestingly, there are two unexpected heroes in the comics who are just as powerful as he is.

In The Boys universe, the G-Men (a parody of the X-Men) are the most powerful team not directly owned by Vought-America.

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Instead, they were created using the personal wealth of John Godolkin, who kidnaps and empowers children as part of a twisted ‘family’ of superheroes spread across the US, with teams including the G-Men, G-Force, G. -Brits and the G-Nomads.

It’s worth noting that the powers in The Boys are explicitly unnatural, and it’s possible for a character to have incredible attack power but no durability, and vice versa.

Homeland Captain is above the rest in being superior in every way, but other heroes can be more powerful in a specific sector. So it’s likely that the G-Men have comparable offensive abilities, but aren’t quite as indestructible.

As powerful as Captain Patria

In The Boys #19, the Legend – Billy’s source of information, who worked on Vought’s Super propaganda – informs Hughie of the origin of Homeland and the Seven.

He explains how the process used to create these heroes makes them the most powerful in the world, as they were deliberately created in the womb, whereas most supers are people accidentally exposed to Compound V.

However, Legend notes that some supers potentially match their powers, saying, “There are a couple of G-Men who can get close to them. Payback Stormfront, perhaps.”

Interestingly, the legend doesn’t name the “couple” of heroes he’s talking about, but there are some clues in the comics.

The best candidates for the most powerful G-Men are Silver Kincaid and Nubia – The Boys versions of Jean Gray and Storm from the X-Men.

Silver Kincaid in particular is a good candidate, as her role in the G-Men is to kill off rogue members, suggesting offensive abilities far above the norm.

Nubia’s powers are not shown, but as a clear allegory for Storm, it is likely that she has impressive weather control and is powerful enough to be resurrected after death.

Unfortunately, Kincaid and Nubia die before the G-Men appear in The Boys (both by Kincaid’s hand), creating the mystery that Butcher’s team is sent to investigate.

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