“The boy who saved Christmas”: ending explained of the Netflix movie

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Based on the 2015 book of the same name by Matt Haig, “The Boy Who Saved Christmas” (“A Boy Called Christmas” in its original language) is a Christmas fantasy film by Netflix that follows little Nikolás, a boy from a very humble family who, thanks to the teachings of his late mother, believes in magic.

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After the King offers a great reward in exchange for a little hope, Nikolas’s father Jol, and other men set out on a complicated journey to find Elfhelm, the village of the Christmas elves. Although the little boy remains in the care of his aunt, after several mistreatments, he decides to look for his father by following the map that his mother embroidered on his hat.

On his wonderful journey he is accompanied by his little talking mouse and a reindeer whom the protagonist of “The Boy Who Saved Christmas”He took an arrow from him. But the British film directed by Gil Kenan from a script by Ol Parker and Kenan also follows children who recently lost their mother and refuse to celebrate Christmas. In fact, the story of Nikolas is told by the aunt of those little orphans.

Nikolas and the Fairy of Truth in a scene from “The boy who saved Christmas” (Photo: Netflix)


Despite following the map, Nikolas only finds snow and more snow, so he loses hope and lets himself be overcome by the cold. However, an elf and his great-great-granddaughter find him in time, save him and help him see that he had reached Elfhelm.

The two elves take him to a clandestine Christmas party and show him what his mother once told him. However, the party doesn’t last long, as Mother Vodal appears and reminds them to forget those celebrations and focus on protecting the village from humans.

Nikolas tries to explain that humans are good, but mother Vodal reveals that his father’s group kidnapped a little elf and orders the protagonist of “The Boy Who Saved Christmas”. In his cell, the boy meets a Fairy of Truth, who, although she puts him in danger first, helps him escape.

With the promise of rescuing little Kip an elf helps him escape. It doesn’t take long for Nikolas to find the kidnapped elf, but he can’t free him because his father and the rest of his group prevent him from doing so. Joel orders him to be tied up, but only to mislead the hunters and help his son in the middle of the night.

Joel, his son, Kip, the mouse, and the reindeer manage to flee, but are chased by the hunters. Thanks to Nikolas’ magic, Bitzen begins to fly, but the weight of the sled prevents him from rising completely, so Joel decides to sacrifice himself for his little one.

Back in Elfhelm, Nikolas prevents the elves who helped them escape from being judged and together the members of the village make toys and chocolates to be brought before the King as a symbol of hope. Mother Vodal tries to stop him, but when she discovers that Nikolas is the son of her human friend, she leaves him alone.

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Mother Vodal ordered Nikolas to be imprisoned just for being human (Photo: The boy who saved Christmas / Netflix)
Mother Vodal ordered Nikolas to be imprisoned just for being human (Photo: The boy who saved Christmas / Netflix)


Although the King appreciates the gesture, he does not believe that it is really magical, so Nikolas takes him to distribute gifts and chocolates to the villagers in the middle of the night and when he sees their reactions he understands that it gives them joy and hope.

To perpetuate hope and magic, the King asks Nikolas to do the same every year and they call that celebration Christmas. Although that is the end of Aunt Ruth’s story, “The Boy Who Saved Christmas”Continues with the orphans recovering the Christmas spirit despite the death of their mother.

After saying goodbye to the children, Ruth leaves saying, “I never lie,” the same phrase that the Fairy of Truth repeated. Also, throw something explosive, showing that it is her.

Aunt Ruth is actually the Fairy of Truth that Nikolas meets in Elfhelm (Photo: The Boy Who Saved Christmas / Netflix)
Aunt Ruth is actually the Fairy of Truth that Nikolas meets in Elfhelm (Photo: The Boy Who Saved Christmas / Netflix)

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