The Boy 3: Another sequel to the horror film coming?

Greta the nanny, Brahms doll and a secret: will the Heelshire family horror series continue in The Boy 3?

Greta (Lauren Cohan) starts out in England as a nanny – for a china doll. What she initially thought was a joke soon became deadly serious. The parents of “Brahms”, as the doll is called, go on vacation and leave it to the nanny with a list of rules she has to follow. Of course, Greta doesn’t follow these rules at first, but as more and more strange incidents happen, she realizes that she should follow the instructions. The story about the doll and the secret behind it began in 2016. The second part “Brahms: The Boy II” followed in 2020. Here Liza (Katie Holmes) and her son Jude (Christopher Convery) move into the guest house of the Heelshires. Jude and the doll form a strange bond. Will there be another sequel with The Boy 3?

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How likely is The Boy 3 sequel?

Director Brent Bell said in an interviewthat he still sees a lot of potential in Brahms and that the fans let him live on. There are now memes and TikToks about the doll and Brahms. But not only a sequel with the doll would be conceivable, but also a prequel like “Orphan: First Kill”. While both Esther and Brahms aren’t overly empathetic people, it’s interesting to know how they both came to be. So far, one more part though not officially announced. In addition, the second part was not as well received as the first. “The Boy” had brought in six times its budget at the time, while the second part was just under double.

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What happened before The Boy 3?

+++ Warning: spoilers for “The Boy” and “Brahms: The Boy II”+++

In the first part of The Boy, Greta is assigned to take care of the Brahms doll at the Heelshires while the two are on vacation. Apparently, the couple are trying to overcome trauma with the doll, as their actual son died in a fire 20 years ago at the age of eight. In the course of the film it emerges that Brahms is still alive and is being held prisoner in the walls of the house. Through the doll he communicates with his parents and later with Greta. Unable to live with this horrible secret and their highly aggressive son, the Heelshires commit suicide while on vacation. In the showdown, Greta kills Brahms, but the final scene shows someone reassembling the doll destroyed in battle.

Brahms: The Boy II takes a slightly different approach. After a traumatic experience, Liza and her son Jude move into the Heelshire guest house in order to distance themselves from what they have experienced. Jude finds the porcelain doll from the first part and starts talking to her when they are alone. The rules from the first part and many more details are taken up in the sequel, but a more supernatural approach is followed here. The puppet possesses children and makes them its followers. It turns out that game warden Joseph (Ralph Ineson) put the puppet back together in the last scene of the first part, thus incurring the curse from Brahms and continuing it. But it is also clear that Brahms is really dead and a third part would either be a prequel with the human Brahms or another sequel with the puppet and a completely new cast.

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