The Boba Fett Book: The "Claustrophobic" Experience and "painful" by Temuera Morisson

The Boba Fett Book

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The Boba Fett Book actor has returned to the long-awaited scene that reveals the “inside” of the Sarlacc, the monstrous creature of Tatooine. A traumatic experience to say the least!

Among the fans of star Wars, theories regarding the death of bounty hunter Boba Fett were legion. Since Return of the Jedi, many were those who assumed that Han Solo had not really ended the days of the Jango Fett clone. The words of the cyborg C-3P0 to Han Solo still ring out as a warning. “In her womb you will discover a new definition of suffering and pain, as you will be digested alive for over a thousand years.” A charming program that Temuera Morrison, behind the mask of Boba Fett, probably did not expect to experience so realistically!

We were impatiently waiting to learn more about the fate of the famous bounty hunter. — Credit(s): Disney+

The Sarlacc is a bit like the extreme version of the sandworms of Dune, less mobile, but more tentacles! Tyrant Jabba’s favorite torture tool on Tatooine seemed like the perfect execution machine until now. It was without counting on Boba Fett! In Disney’s previous miniseries, the mandalorian, we had witnessed the return of the most famous clone of the saga. So he had survived! While answering long-held theories, the scene also raised even more questions! the Book by Boba Fett FINALLY provides a detailed answer on how Boba was able to survive in the belly of a nightmare creature!

Before being reborn, Boba Fett had to go through the unimaginable!

Temuera Morrison says filming the scene was just as uncomfortable as it looks: covered in slime and struggling to breathe in her costume. A whole team around was responsible for bringing the monster’s interior to life. “It was actually very painful,” admits the actor. The next scene, where he is dragged in the sand, was hardly more pleasing. But on screen, this ordeal takes on its full meaning. When Boba Fett finally emerges from a dune, it’s ‘like a rebirth’ says Morrison. And, for all fans of the saga Star Wars, start the Book by Boba Fett with such an essential scene, it’s priceless!

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