The Blues in Qatar, Adil Rami called to the rescue

The France team hopes to extend its stay in Qatar as much as possible. For this, the atmosphere within the group is vital, assures the specialist in the field that is Adil Rami.

Despite a list of 26 players, Didier Deschamps was forced to largely renew his French team compared to the coronation of 2018. First of all, more than four years have passed and certain elements no longer have the level or have hung up, like Blaise Matuidi. This is not yet the case for Adil Rami, who is ending his career with Troyes, but is still present in the hearts of the Blues. If he is no longer as efficient on the field, the super substitute for the France team, who was the only outfield player not to have played a single minute in Russia, has retained the image of a troublemaker. positive for the group and the morale of the troops. Vital when players are locked together for more than a month. Now a consultant on TF1 during the competition in Qatar, Adil Rami does not hesitate to let go, and he confides with a lot of humor and self-mockery that the players of Didier Deschamps miss him a lot.

The Blues need Rami

At the turn of a portrait on Marcus Thuram, who risks having a very limited playing time but who brings a lot of good humor and pep, Adil Rami delivered the importance of secondary elements for the atmosphere of the group. “ Of course it is important. I don’t want to go too far because I don’t know him, but with what I see, in his eyes I see a lot of kindness and sincerity, and that he is happy to be there. It’s important to have good vibes, and good energy. With all the feedback I have in the France team, it is that there is a very good atmosphere, everyone is happy and above all, even more important, it is that the team is united. And then they miss me, a lot. They need me to tell them stories, and asked me to grow a mustache “, delivered Adil Rami, in an old tradition in the world of football, which wants that we do not shave as long as we are still in the race in a competition. In any case, the 2018 world champion assures him, the group is living well. From a distance, the former defender of OM and LOSC participates a little.

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