‘The Big Lebowski’ actor Jack Kehler dies

Jack Kehler has passed away at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after complications with his leukemia.

He turned 75 years old.

The death confirms his son, Eddie Kehler, to Deadline.

In addition to the son, Jack Kehler leaves behind his wife Shawn Casey and his grandson Liam.

Most people will probably remember Jack Kehler from the role of ‘The Dude’s hard-hitting caretaker in the cult film’ The Big Lebowski ‘.

His last role was also as a caretaker – in the Hulu series ‘Love, Victor’.

In addition, Jack Kehler was the main character in the movie ‘The Platinum Loop’, which has not yet been filmed.

Throughout his career, he achieved roles in major films such as’ Men in Black II ‘,’ Deadly Weapon 4 ‘and’ Point Break ‘, as well as in a host of series such as’ Mad Men’, The Man in the High Castle ‘, ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ and ‘Murder One’.

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