"The big hit comeback.2022": First appearance with his Pauline two years after her brain surgery

The hit news of the day in the GALA ticker: Oli P. and his wife Pauline make their first appearance after brain surgery.

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July 25, 2022

At a hit party: Oli P. and Pauline make their first appearance after brain surgery

In August 2019, Oliver Petszokats, 43, and his wife Pauline had to undergo brain surgery. According to her, her tumor, which had been diagnosed by chance in 2007, was sitting “very close to the center of vision and movement” and grew so large that it had to be removed. The years after that were challenging and it got “still room for improvement in terms of health” given, the singer explained to the portal in August 2021 “Schlager.de”. On Saturday, July 23, the time had finally come: the couple had an ARD show with Florian Silbereisen, 40 “The big hit comeback.2022” his first appearance together after the serious operation.

After his performance, Oliver Petszokat beamed relaxed into the camera while taking a selfie. Meanwhile, his wife Pauline looks at him in love. The former GZSZ star previously performed on Silbereisen’s stage – certainly a special moment for the musician, since his Pauline was able to cheer him on in the audience after such a long time. Thank you on Instagram “airplanes in the stomach”- interpreter then with the following words: “We really had such a nice day at @floriansilbereisen.official…! It was exciting, friendly and just great! Thank you for your love!”

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