“The Big Bang Theory”: Why Sheldon Hates Engineering, “Young Sheldon” Explains

Who followed throughout its twelve seasons “The big bang theory”, They surely remember the abhorrence I felt Sheldon Cooper engineering, something that became more apparent when he encountered Howard Wolowitz, who had followed that profession.

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Although we were already used to his contempt for that career, we never knew why that rejection arose. Well, “Young Sheldon”, the prequel to the hit series that chronicles the life of said character as a child, has the answer.


During the broadcast of a new episode of “Young Sheldon”, which received Simon Helberg in his role as Howard Wolowitz, it is known, in Sheldon Cooper’s own words, the reason for his hatred of engineering.

Sheldon always surprised his friends about the game Rock, Paper, Scissors, Rat and Spock (Photo: CBS)

In the images we see how this complicated character tells his “tertiary friend” that his antipathy to the profession had little to do with him, at least at the beginning, but because of a bad experience he had when he was a minor.

It is here that we hear the voice of adult Sheldon revealing his disdain, we immediately see a step back in time and a person who gives life to an engineer, this also appears through the voice-over.

Turns out that When Sheldon was a child, his engineering instructor, Professor Boucher, refused to help him find out where he went wrong on a task, so he had to find out for himself. When he succeeded, he wanted to show it to his teacher, but he did not let him in because he had been late for class. “I hate engineering”the 11-year-old boy said angrily as he left.

The moment when a little Sheldon asks his teacher for help, but he refuses in "Young Sheldon" (Photo: CBS)
The moment when a little Sheldon asks his teacher for help, but he refuses in “Young Sheldon” (Photo: CBS)


After listening to the narration, Howard Wolowitz interrupts him and says: “Waiting! So after all this time, is that your problem with engineering? “. Adult Sheldon answers: “Evidently”.

Then, this very happy one goes to him and points out: “So all the teasing and all the taunting had nothing to do with me!”, but the answer leaves you unsatisfied. “I admit it, at first I had a problem because of that class, but then it was mainly you”, the genie replies immediately.

To which the engineer asks when he will be able to find out, and Sheldon, true to his style says: “I could give you that answer, but if you find out for yourself, it will mean so much more.”. Thus ends the voice-over dialogue of both actors.

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In "The Big Bang Theory", Sheldon treated Howard as a "tertiary friend" because he was an engineer (Photo: Warner Bros)
In “The Big Bang Theory”, Sheldon treated Howard as a “tertiary friend” because he was an engineer (Photo: Warner Bros)

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