The bicycle can also be a tool for charity: initiatives in the saddle

The bicycle is sport, effort and fun, but it can also be transformed into a tool to do charity. There are more and more initiatives by professional cyclists or simple bike enthusiasts, who decide to get on the saddle with different purposes: to support a social cause, to raise public awareness on a specific pathology or to support an organization that they want to help.

Pedaling to donate medical equipment to the oncology, cardiology and gynecology-obstetrics departments of the Media Valle del Tevere hospital is the goal of the beneficial cycling event The Ride4Good company organized by the Asd L’Impresa together with Federciclismo and with the patronage of the Municipality of San Venanzo (TR). The non-competitive race will take place on 5 June, within the Unesco biosphere reserve of Monte Peglia, and is supported from a fundraiser launched by the Association itself. “In recent years, the Pantalla hospital has had to dedicate itself exclusively to the Covid emergency but now the structure is slowly starting to give the community the precious medical and health support for which it was created” explains Francesco Bottigliero, President of Asd The Company.

Organize bicycle trips to collect donations for associations or charities. David, a nine-year-old boy from Bolzano, and his family got on their mountain bikes on 30 April to ride from Bolzano to Lake Garda (about 110 km with 400 meters of elevation gain), to always return home by bike, the next day. An initiative that the family wanted to take launching a campaign that is still open. “All the funds raised will be transferred to the Polish Humanitarian Action NGO which has been operating since 1992 to address humanitarian crises in over 40 countries from Somalia to Syria. Currently, as David’s family recounts, the organization also provides aid to the victims of the war in Ukrainein collaboration with its local partners Tovaristvo Leva and the Ukrainian Red Cross ”.

A seemingly a bit crazy idea to take a bike trip starting from Bristol to get to Imperiaconfided by Fabrizio to his stepfather Carlo, a man to whom he was particularly attached: but after his untimely death, the boy wanted to embark on this adventure by starting a fundraiser in memory of Carlo Pastorelliin support of foster care and, in particular, of the family home of Imperia, Casa Famiglia Pollicino, which welcomes children from 0 to 10 years with family problems, removed from their family unit by the Juvenile Court. Thanks to pedaling, one of the projects was completed. With the contribution of many, in fact, new equipment was purchased to allow the children of the Family Home to play.

A bicycle trip is also a journey of emotions: it certainly is for Andrea, a father who would like to make a dream come true, that of start for Santiago de Compostela in July with his warrior Nicolò (the little one fights against a rare syndrome that forces him into a postural wheelchair, as well as having to resort to transfusions every two weeks). To do this he had a special bicycle / wheelchair built, while a camper will support him during this adventure.

The solidarity rides also arise from the desire to support non-profit organizations, as in the case of the initiative of Aniad (Italian National Association of Diabetic Athletes and Ancora in Viaggio Odv), which, to raise awareness and inform about the disease, organized the initiative Traveling to Alaskain memory of Mauro Talini, insulin dependent diabetic cyclist, disappeared in a tragic accident in Mexico. Several cyclists, Mexicans and Italians, some of them with diabetes, left Mexico on 11 April 2022 to the scene of the accident and in five stages, each of which carried out by at least one pair of cyclists, will deliver the baton from time to time. to another couple until the goal is reached: Prudhoe Bay (Alaska), July 12.

Extraordinary sporting achievements where the reward is given by the satisfaction of having accomplished a gesture of solidarity. All these initiatives have the merit of constituting moments of aggregation for a more noble goal than ever.

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