The best mom? Mother makes a living teaching how to play video games

Devyn Ricks is a woman from the USA with four children and manages in every way to bring bread to the table, but he never thought he would dedicate himself to an unusual job, but yes, extremely fun: he teaches various children to play video games online. Their history became known in various social networks Were it was made trend.

A new way to generate money

Our protagonist is a woman from 30 years and lives in Riverton, Utahworks at Outschoolcharges $15 an hour to get into various animated narratives such as those of Mario Kart, kirby or the world of Zelda whose students, in general, are between 9 and 14 years old.

Devyn confessed to FOX who earns little monthly more than 4 thousand dollars and it is that, at the moment, the mother of the family is the main breadwinner of the house, since her husband is a dentistry student, as well as raising their four daughters between the ages of 2 and 9.

To the aforementioned medium he confessed: “So it’s not like we can live off student loans and be in a one-bedroom apartment. We had to find something that worked and this is what I stumbled upon (…) I love video games. I really enjoy them”.

How did you decide to teach how to play video games?

But for Devyn teaching online is not something new, since you already have experience teaching academic classes and foreign languages, but everything changed when you took a creative writing course on Zeldaone of the most famous sagas, which led her to get involved with a club of players of this title that, for those things in life, became ongoing from february 2021which, believe it or not, has received support among parents: “These kids don’t know how to do a lot of these puzzles and things, and it’s dangerous for them to navigate alone in Internet.

Teaching values ​​with video games

This is not all, because it reveals that he cares about enhancing other skills, always through the video game: “One of the most important skills that I like to teach them is a little bit of leadership. Many of these students want to share their knowledge”for which it reinforces aspects such as trust, friendship and teamwork.

Likewise, what it seeks is to demonstrate that the community around video games is not made up, neither exclusively nor mainly, by home gamers, but introverts: “It’s opening up this community for the kids and me. I think I’m breaking that stigma a little bit.”assured.

A ‘cool mom’

However, there is a game with which Devyn has its objections: it is the popular Minecraft the reason? He doesn’t like this title, but he doesn’t like violent ones either, always giving preference to family members.

That is why many of her students and their parents consider her as a “cool mom”to which she replies: “I think I am a very funny mom, but not so funny when I tell (her children) to clean their rooms”.

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