The best ideas with garlands to make your house shine at Christmas

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In addition to representing a magical and family moment, decorating the house when the Christmas It is not an easy task; however, there are homemade tricks or tips to decorate each room of the house with great taste and without exceeding the budget.

If it’s been a few days since MAG we teach how we could put the lights on the christmas treethis time we will talk about the Christmas wreaths. First of all, this traditional element cannot be missing in your decor.

Where and how to put the garlands in the house

Following this line, the specialized portal the furniture put together a small list with the best garland ideas so that the magic of the Christmas season is present in any corner of your home. Take note!

Garland on the fireplace

If the Christmas tree is next to the fireplace, place a garland of leaves on the mantelpiece: everything will be very elegant and the result will leave you speechless. Be sure to add vases of flowers or a Christmas wreath.

Wreath on the stair

Another alternative is to put a green garland or made of dry autumn leaves on the stair railing. Of course, the key lies in letting it fall quite naturally. you can also use garland with red berries to give a colorful touch to the property.

garland on the tree

A third and final option is create Christmas garlands with your own decorations or stuffed animals to decorate the tree. Add accessories such as hearts, stars, pennants or balls of yarn.

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