The best documentaries of the Bogdanov brothers to watch absolutely!

Grichka Bogdanov and her brother Igor are the first to tackle science fiction and exact science in a TV show. They paved the way for the popularization of science, in particular by publishing their first book Keys to science fiction. In this very particular period, let’s be nostalgic, it’s time to come back to the documentaries presented by the Bogdanov brothers. For all those who have not had the opportunity to discover them, the Futura team has selected 5 documentaries on fascinating subjects about the universe.

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Are you interested in extraterrestrial life? The Bogdanov brothers invite us to explore the universe and other equally interesting topics, researchers and scientists are putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Some children, now adults, used to watch the famous show Time X, for them, the documentaries in this selection will have a taste of nostalgia.

The Bogdanovs’ Journey – Are We Alone in the Universe?

This 2019 documentary, presented by the Bogdanov brothers, aims to shed light on topics about the universe that fascinate many people, especially life on other planets, does it exist? You will discover 3D images, answers that emerge from scientific documents and research! In this documentary, we tackle several subjects such as the birth of intelligent life, the way in which it would be possible to communicate with other forms of life … “Are we alone in the universe?” is an interesting documentary for anyone wondering about the secrets of the universe.

The journey of the Bogdanovs – Fires of the earth, Fires of the sky

The two Bogdanov brothers present the cosmic dangers that the Earth could suffer, they address the risks associated with volcanoes, gamma rays, polarity reversals … Experts in astronomy and geology are interviewed during a simulation of an asteroid collision on our planet, you will find out what the devastating effects are. What are the dangers of a new ice age? A worrying phenomenon but which is certainly not likely to occur because of global warming. Different dangers exist, some are ruled out and others could occur, the consequences would be more or less devastating.

The Bogdanovs’ Journey – What if we become immortal?

In this documentary the two presenters address the theme of aging. First of all, the documentary is directed towards the centenarians and the reasons why these people live for a long time in particular in relation to their hygiene of life, their genetic inheritance … The incredible story of Brooke Greenberg is revealed, a young woman who does not age and whose life expectancy could reach 100 years, at 17 she is trapped in the body of an infant. The subjects discussed are interesting and interesting to discover.

The Bogdanovs’ Journey – What is our brain hiding?

You will discover new theories based on particular individuals with surprising brain capacities. We have untapped intellectual potential that we do not always use because of the lack of knowledge about it. This documentary is an opportunity to explore the immense possibilities offered by the human brain. Grichka and Igor present and explain the learned syndrome of people who suffer from mental disorders or autism but who have a great capacity for memorization. Discover people with surprising abilities!

The Voyage of the Bogdanovs – UFOs, Truths and Illusions

Why have humans always been fascinated by extraterrestrial life? The Bogdanov brothers come to answer this question. You will discover an original approach and new answers to these many debates around life on other planets. The history and culture of UFOs is the focal point of this documentary. Experts present a new theory on these phenomena which still remain unexplained and mysterious.

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