The best blockbuster of the summer: That’s why you can’t miss “Top Gun 2”.

After what felt like an eternity, Top Gun: Maverick is about to hit theaters. The ratings of the trade press promise one of the biggest highlights of the cinema year.

It’s been 36 years since fighter pilot Pete Mitchell aka Maverick (Tom Cruise) first took to the skies and hit the big screen in Top Gun. After numerous postponements due to the pandemic, the sequel is fluttering “Top Gun: Maverick” soon finally in German cinemas. And it seems we’re in for a truly grand cinematic experience.

Because the return of Maverick is now storming the theatrical release shortly before Ratings of the trade press like hardly any other action film this year. at Rotten Tomatoes the critics seem to agree with one Rating of 96% agree: “Top Gun: Maverick” is phenomenal action-bombast of the first order. Also at Metacritic gets the film with 81 out of 100 possible points currently a more than respectable rating.

Almost without exception, the journalists of the US press praise the sequel. Pete Hammond from deadline speaks of Tom Cruise in the role of his lifeRoss Bonaime referred to the sequel in his Collider review as one of best blockbuster in recent years and David Rooney, author for the hollywood reporter, especially praises the bombastic soundscape and the IMAX experience.

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Handcrafted action only Tom Cruise brings to the big screen

Much of the praise was directed at Tom Cruise and his performance as an action actor. As an actor who Use of a stunt double and computer-generated effects refuses, Tom Cruise got himself behind the controls of a jet for the sequel. According to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who is experienced in action cinema, the actor shot all the action sequences himself, as he revealed at the film’s premiere (via The Hollywood Reporters):

“Every time you see him fly, it’s him in the jet. […] You can’t hold back Tom Cruise. He will do what he will do.”

Even for the first film, the flight scenes were supposed to look authentic, which is why the actors were put in F14 jets and sent into the air. However, the recordings ultimately proved useless. Because the extreme physical challenge of flying a jet caused the actors to experience dizziness, vomiting and other pathological symptoms. For the sequel, Tom Cruise therefore prepared his colleagues for the turbulent escapades, as Miles Teller talks to totally movie explained:

“We were all mini-toms when we made this film. He chased us through the… I just call it the ‘Tom Cruise Boot Camp’. We were brought into absolute top form. […] You don’t just go to the gym and lift some weights. We did flight training for three months before we started filming. We were put to the test.”

From the May 26, 2022 you can finally convince yourself of the phenomenal action when “Top Gun: Maverick” starts in German cinemas.

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