The Belgians couldn’t believe their eyes as they passed the chip shop: “It wasn’t until they took pictures of him that I realized…”

A gigantic surprise awaited the customers of the “Frieterij” in Berchem this Saturday evening. At the table this Saturday evening on the terrace, the Australian star Nick Cave enjoyed a good little meal from home. The world famous rocker was indeed present in Belgium to give a performance the next day at the Best Kept Secret festival.

Basit, who worked at the chip shop, told HBVL: “I have to admit that I didn’t know who he was. It wasn’t until some people took pictures of him that I realized he must be famous. If I had recognized him myself, I would have asked for a photo (…) It was a quiet evening in the chip shop. I think they sat on the terrace for almost two hours, during which two or three people stopped to take a picture”.

The employee indicates that the Nick Cave team ordered three large packets of fries and two servings of stew. He adds that the singer “also ate a homemade mushroom croquette”.

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