The Beast of the Sea voice actor calls his scenes in the film “ridiculous”

A success on Netflix, A Fera do Mar won children and adults alike with its dynamic and touching story. Many viewers don’t know, but the original cast of the long has great TV stars – from series like The Boys and Downton Abbey. In a recent interview, one of the voice actors described his scenes in the animation as “ridiculous”.

“A girl sneaks into the ship of a great sea monster hunter. Together, they begin an epic journey through uncharted waters.”

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Directed and produced by Chris Williams (Big Hero 6), the film has become a true phenomenon on Netflix, securing prominent positions in the Top 10 in several countries, including Brazil and the United States.

We explain below why one of the stars of A Fera do Mar called his scenes in the movie “ridiculous”. Netflix; check out.

Karl Urban discusses his experience in The Beast of the Sea

If you watched The Beast of the Sea in the Portuguese dubbed version, you probably don’t know that Karl Urban is the original voice of the hunter Jacob Holland.

With a prolific career in film and TV, Urban is famous for performances in franchises such as The Lord of the Rings and Star Trek.

Currently, Karl Urban plays Billy Butcher in the series The Boys, aired by Amazon Prime Video.

In a recent interview, Urban spoke about his experience dubbing A Fera do Mar. The actor was asked what it’s like recording fight scenes and other speech noises.

“I have to confess, I hated doing it! All those grunts and moans of ‘Uh’, ‘Ah!’ and ‘ooh’ are really ridiculous when you’re in the recording booth,” commented the actor.

Urban also revealed that all these noises are recorded at once, always after the lines.

“You spend 4 hours in the recording booth, and then you have to record these noises for, like, half an hour,” the actor commented.

A lot of people don’t know, but these noises have a special name: voice foley. The term is used to represent the sounds produced by humans and animals that are not included in speech questions. In other words, they are the famous onomatopoeias.

O voice foley is extremely important for animated productions, as it also serves to express the emotions of characters in action scenes, fights and much more.

The Beast of the Sea with Karl Urban is available on Netflix. The Boys series, on the other hand, is in the Brazilian catalog of Amazon Prime Video.

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