The BBC apologizes for the interview with Lady Diana obtained by deception: “We have disappointed the public”

After 27 years they arrive the BBC’s apologies for Princess Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir. A very famous interview, but it was obtained by deception. This emerges frominternal investigation launched by the broadcaster after the complaints made by the British Royals and Earl Spencer, brother of the late Lady D. With this gesture, the BBC hopes to end a very sad and painful affair once and for all.

From the internal investigation launched by the BBC it emerged that the journalist Martin Bashir had obtained the interview by deceiving Lady Diana with a lot of fake documents which prompted the princess to speak. Well two established deceptions: the journalist falsified the receipt for a therapeutic abortion to which Tiggy Legge-Bourke, former nanny of William and Harry would have submitted, convincing Diana that Carlo was the father of the child conceived by the woman. With this “test” Lady D, who was already convinced that there was an affair between her husband and the nanny, had no more doubts. The second deception concerns one bank receipt showing a payment made by the royal family for the benefit of some members of the princess’s entourage. Bashir explained to Diana that they would be paid by the Royal family to spy on her. It wasn’t true, but Diana fell for it, because she was already convinced she was being spied on.

After having ascertained the reporter’s deception to the BBC, there was no other way than an apology. General manager Tim Davie has apologized to the British royal family, the Spencer family and Lady D’s children William and Harry “for the way in which Princess Diana was deceived and the consequent impact on the lives of those concerned“. As if that were not enough, the director has decided never to broadcast that episode of the program again Panorama who broadcast the interview and not to assign the rights. He added: “Had we done our job correctly, Princess Diana would have learned the truth by living her life. We disappointed her, the royal family and our audience“.


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