The battle of the couples 3: Maxime and Valéria big winners of this season? This clue sows doubt

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In The Battle of Couples 3, Vivian and Eva Ducci went their separate ways and gave up on the game, and the young woman revealed why she was forced to leave the adventure without saying goodbye. For the other pairs still in competition, the end is approaching and the trials are more and more difficult. If Raphaël Pépin and Tiffany managed to win their place in the final, the blues, pinks and grays do not yet know if they will have the chance to stay to try to win the victory. Speaking of which, wouldn’t Maxime and Valeria be the big winners of this season? This clue sows doubt …

On his Instagram account, Maxime posted a photo taken during a stay in the Maldives with his partner. However, in the program, the lovebirds made it known that if they had the chance to leave with the trophy this year, they would pay themselves a honeymoon there … As a result, Internet users asked themselves questions and wrote: “I guess you are the winners”, “Well then, I conclude that they won and that they went to the Maldives for their honeymoon trip”, “But suddenly he won since he went to the Maldives?”.

In the comments, the reality TV contestant explained that he was just gone on vacation and also burst out laughing when someone asked him if he could afford his trips with his earnings from The battle of couples 3. “If only” he replied … So it’s hard to know if they got it right. We will therefore have to wait until next week to find out the names of those who won the TFX program! In the meantime, would Melanight and Romain have decided to separate to participate in La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 7? She restored the truth.

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