The battle of couples 3: Gauthier El Himer and Anastasia lynched by Sarah Fraisou, they swing on his departure from the program

Gauthier El Himer and Anastasia from The battle of couples 3 confided in excluded on melty on their clashes with the candidates and their elimination … And the least we can say is that the couple did not unanimously on the set of the TFX adventure program! In an interview for our colleagues from GossipRoom, the two candidates first came back to the hardship they suffered during the season … Anastasia explains: “It’s true that they are against us I think already in terms of strategy because inevitably we arrived in the adventure we immediately won the event, they were afraid. It’s normal, I think we would have reacted the same “!

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Gauthier El Himer and Anastasia swing on Sarah Fraisou – Credit (s):

On the other hand, the young woman does not accept the criticisms they may have taken on their physique: “That they were against us I can understand, after that I found that it was a little too far physical level”… That is clear ! For his part, Gauthier El Himer talks about the departure of Sarah Fraisou and balances : “The end of the adventure was much better than the beginning, that’s clear. From the moment the rotten apple that left the basket, the show was nothing to see” !

Very upset against the candidate, Gauthier El Himer adds: “A from the moment Sarah left the adventure, it was totally different. Yes it was against us again, but it was good kid, it was the game. There were no insults like ‘Your sisters are bitches’ … Nothing to do with the current show and the stuff we’re doing what “ ! A departure which therefore greatly relieved the couple… The writing of melty also reveals here if Sarah Lopez is in a relationship with Ahmed, the ex of Sarah Fraisou.

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