The Batman: Zoë Kravitz halagó a Robert Pattinson

Since images of The Batman, superhero lovers are desperate to see the movie. Directed by Matt Reeves, showed a first preview in the DC FanDome of 2020, and after changing its release date to March 4, 2022, it released a new trailer on October 16. The production promises to be very dark and true to the character’s story.

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One of the actresses involved in the film was Zoë Kravitz, who will be in charge of giving life to Catwoman like colleagues like Anne Hathaway and Michelle Pfeiffer. The actress of Big Little Lies He said that he could “See a little” from The Batman And, although he clarified that he cannot say anything due to the signed confidentiality agreements, he anticipated some details of the feature film.

Kravitz mainly highlighted the work of his partner, Robert pattinson, who was chosen by Reeves to be the new Batman. Rob it’s perfect for the role. It was incredible. His transformation was from another world “, asserted the actress. Pattinson was confirmed as Bruce Wayne in April 2019, after winning the arm wrestling against actors such as Nicholas Hoult, Armie Hammer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

In addition to praising his castmate, Zoë Kravitz He also dedicated a few words to Matt Reeves. “He has a lot of heart and cares a lot about the characters. I’m so excited that she can go on vacation because she deserves it. I hope the fans love her because she worked so hard on this. “, sentenced the actress of High Fidelity.

What to expect from The Batman

According to some rumors, spread by the user of Twitter, Bluerayangel based on the comments of “A friend who saw The Batman, the film of Matt Reeves it will have some characteristics of the horror genre. “The movie of Batman It’s a horror movie. Very graphic, very dark, very scary. Paul Dano it’s crazy, so scary that I enjoyed every second “the user quoted. In addition, he revealed that the tape would last about 3 hours and that the final scene will make everyone “Shout”.

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