The Batman: The movie starring Robert Pattinson wants to beat the Dark Knight trilogy

The Batman

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Credits: Empire, ComicBookMovie.

Could The Batman beat the Dark Knight trilogy in the hearts of fans?

The Batman is eagerly awaited by Batman fans. Lately, we have been able to discover new previews of the film directed by Matt Reeves, pictures of Bruce Wayne, Catwoman or even the Mystery Man having been unveiled by Empire. The article in question was also an opportunity for the producer of the feature film to teaser the impact of The Batman on the cinematographic landscape and more particularly vis-à-vis the legacy of Batman in the cinema. Specifically, Dylan Clark as well as Matt Reeves reportedly told Christopher Nolan, who they were considering with this film, to beat the trilogy of the Dark Knight.

“I said this to Christopher Nolan directly: ‘We’re trying to make the best Batman ever, and we’re going to try to beat you’ “ first revealed the producer before adding: “Matt wants to push this character to his emotional depths and shake it deep within himself.” It’s a bold statement, not to mention a challenge with which The Batman might struggle. Considering that Nolan has already offered a very down to earth version of Bruce Wayne, comparisons to these films are sure to be inevitable. However, for the filmmaker, it is less about competition than about giving a new twist to the iconic superhero of DC Comics.


Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

“We saw a lot of great stories about Bruce Wayne witnessing his parents murder and then trying to find a way to deal with it by becoming Batman. I wanted to do a story where he has already gone through his origins and doesn’t yet know exactly how to be Batman “ explained the director toEmpire. To see if his film really stands out from the trilogy of Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan, and considered to this day as the best adaptation on the bat man, we will have to wait a little while, The Batman not expected until March 2, 2022 in French cinemas.

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