The Batman 2: confirmed the return of Andy Serkis in the role of Alfred

In a recent interview Andy Serkis confirmed his return in the highly anticipated sequel to The Batman, arriving in 2025.

A key character from the world of the dark knight will return in The Batman 2, sequel to the award-winning 2022 film directed by Matt Reeves. We are talking about Alfred Pennyworthbutler and fundamental part of Bruce Wayne’s life.

This was confirmed by his interpreter himself, Andy Serkisin a recent interview with GQ microphones: “I will be back in the sequel to The Batman. When I was offered the part I remember having made an important decision which was to play Alfred in the most emotional way possible. Because people would see my face and not just an avatar”.

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The Batman: Andy Serkis is Alfred in the new trailer

Principal photography on The Batman 2 will begin in November at Warner Bros. Levensden Studios. Robert Pattinson will obviously be back on board as a young dark knight, while nothing is known yet about the possible return of Barry Keoghan as the Joker (who appeared briefly at the end of the first film).

The release of The Batman: Part II is set for 2025, the year in which Superman: Legacy will also arrive in theaters.

Before the sequel hits theaters, however, the release of the HBO Max series The Penguin is expected, which will see the return of Colin Farrell as the villain Oswald Cobbelpot. It has been confirmed that the series will hang on to the events shown at the end of The Batman and give us an idea of ​​where the second film will head plot-wise.

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