The ban on shooting fireworks, a real blow for some traders: “I lost 15,000 euros in one week…”

Barely out of two Covid years during which he confided his despair to us, Terence suffered a new blow. The fireworks specialist from Huy, who took over the L’Etincelle family store on Chaussée de Waremme in Huy ten years ago, is directly affected by the police order issued by the Acting Governor of the Province of Liège.

Monday, August 1, Catherine Delcourt has indeed decided to prohibit any lighting of open fires in the province of Liège, including fireworks (except municipal authorization), to prevent the risk of fires linked to drought. that strikes our country.

This measure deprives the pyrotechnicians of their livelihood. Terence already has four confirmed fire cancellations to his credit, “a loss of 15,000 euros in contracts”, he adds.

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