The Bakhmout region in the hell of war

In the yellow light of a cellar bulb, the women of the building exchange worried glances. The last, thunderous salvo of bombs decided the inhabitants of this alley and a few passers-by taken by surprise to take refuge in the common shelter. Like oracles, these residents of Chassiv Yar, a town six kilometers from Bakhmout, try to predict the extent of the bombardments to come in the light of the latest explosions and events in the neighboring town. At the bottom of the trench covered with saltpetre, a table and a few chairs wedged under pipes form the decor. “This is just the beginning. It will continue. Worse and worse,” say three women. One: “It’s going to be our turn.” The other: “As in Bakhmout.” The last to conclude: “But where to go?” The ground shakes, the tiles rumble. Upstairs or further in the small town, there are certainly injured people, perhaps dead people.

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