"The Bachelorette": "The Bachelorette" gives HIM the last rose

“The Bachelorette”
SPOILER! He gets the final rose from Sharon

“The Bachelorette” Sharon Battiste has given her last rose.

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The decision has been made: “The Bachelorette” has awarded its very last rose. After weeks full of exciting dates, romantic moments, but above all emotional chaos, Sharon Battiste leaves the show with this man at her side.

In the past episodes, viewers have already been able to experience in front of the television how Sharon Battiste, 30, developed deep feelings for several of the candidates who fought for their hearts in the current season when “Die Bacherlorette” was played. In the grand final, the woman from Cologne had to choose a man.

“The Bachelorette” finale for the first time a day after the semifinals

RTL caused a small sensation in advance: for the first time, the final would not only be shown on Wednesday in the week after the semi-finals, but on the Thursday after, i.e. July 28, 2022. Viewers with access to RTL+ were able to watch the last night of the roses will be streamed online from Friday evening, July 22nd. So if you want to save the big reveal until it is broadcast on TV, you should stop reading here.

SPOILER: The “Bachelorette” gives HIM the last rose

A total of 22 men vied for the favor of “Bachelorette” in this year’s season. At the very beginning, Sharon Battiste never thought that she would feel something for several candidates at the same time. “I’m in love – and not just in one man,” was her conclusion in episode 6. In the end, however, the 30-year-old was only allowed to give a rose.

Dispute on "The Bachelroette"

WARNING, SPOILERS! Not an easy decision, after all, there were still Jan, Lukas and Steffen to choose from in the final – three men with whom sparks had already been sparked. The very last rose went to 31-year-old Jan. The florist from Hanover has long been Sharon’s secret favorite, he also got the first – and now last – kiss of this year’s “Bachelorette”.

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