The Austrian apologized and continues to boss: We are victims of our own political puberty

Three hundred delegates gathered in Hradec Králové for yesterday’s STAN extraordinary assembly. They confirmed with 292 votes that they still want to be their president Austrian. He did not have a challenger in the election and apologized to the party and voters before the vote. “We are record holders in how many problems we managed to chop in a short time. Let’s not be hurt, let’s not make ourselves a victim, it’s not fair. If we are a victim, then perhaps of our inexperience and our own political puberty. We have ourselves to blame,” the Austrian said in a speech.

The deputy became the new 1st vice-chairman Lukáš Vlček (40). Replaced Jan Farský (43), who flew to the congress from America, where he is on an internship. Farský became only an ordinary vice-chairman, just like a member of parliament Jan Lacina (52), Member of Parliament Michaela Šebelová (40) and ex-star of Spáleného Poříčí Pavel Čížek (58).

Broken leadership

STAN was damaged by the latest case of corruption at the Prague municipality. The ex-minister of education left the leadership Petr Gazdík (42). He interacted with Michal Redl (48), who is together with a former party member Petr Hlubuček (48) accused of corruption.

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