The art of handling colors according to Katty

“I studied painting at HEAD – Genève (Haute Ecole d’art et de design), then came back to Friborg last year. I see fashion as a means of expression. In my artistic practice, I paint with a lot of colors and I like to transcribe that in my life. I have a look that could be described as relatively basic, but which I liven up with different shades. I always wear a few key pieces, like big boots on my feet, and build my style of the day around it.”

sweater and shirt

“I found them in a second-hand shop which is located just at the end of the street where we are currently, La Baraque à Fripes (Rue de Lausanne 62, Fribourg). Together, it cost me barely 14 francs.”


“I bought it, new, at Uniqlo. I chose it for its small size: I like to feel light. There’s just enough room to slip in a spare t-shirt, which I need at the end of my shift. And then black is a convenient and easy-to-wear color.”


“This one is from H&M, plain and simple. The color, a little faded, is original. I like the pants who cut wide. When they are too tight, I find it uncomfortable.”


“It’s hard to explain, but when I wear them, I feel like I have more feeling while walking. (laughs). Comfort is essential for me. And wearing wide boots helps a lot with that.”


“It’s a wonderful gift received for my 25th birthday. It comes from Hermès. I’ve always wanted to have a model in printed enamel: twice a year, Hermès invites different painters to create this range. Mine was designed by a Polish artist who works on the carnival theme. A bit like the style I develop in my painting.”


“With my friends, we often exchange them. These come from a supermarket, but some of my friends make their own jewelry.

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