"The Argentine Voice": with concern for "sing with me now"the juries return to record the next stages

With the premiere of “Sing with me now”, and the final of “The Hotel of the famous”El Trece and Telefe begin to move chips to win prime time. The Argentine Voice plans a strategy to stay with the leadership that it has held since it started in its 2022 season, and now the jurors were called to come quickly to record the next stages. Are changes coming on the fly?

Next Wednesday and Thursday the recordings of “La Voz Argentina” will be resumed in Martínez, with all the juries ready, Lali Esposito (travels to Rosario on the 31st for his show), Mau and Ricky, Ricardo Montaner and Soledad Pastorutti.

Ricky Montaner is here, who celebrated his wife Stefi’s birthday in a bar in Palermo, while Lali had a nice reunion with her friends Candela Vetrano, Mery del Cerro, Rochi Igarzabal Y “Cachete” Sierra at Candle’s house.

For the rest, there are still 12 battles left, at a rate of four pairs a day, to see on screen, before the new stage of the “sing offs” begins with Marley in front. The juries will take a break in August to fulfill their commitments. And they will come back later. Complicated by schedules.

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