"The Argentine Voice": when does the 2022 season premiere

With the arrival of Ricardo Montaner to Argentinait was possible to start on Tuesday, May 10, the recordings of “The Argentine Voice” which has a fundamental novelty in this new season.

The judges, who will be at the Martín Fierro ceremony on Sunday, May 15, they will be able to use the “Block” function, which will allow them to secure a participant for their team. “Each coach will have the opportunity to block the return of his partner so that he does not fight for any participant“, They indicated from the “Famous World” account.

In addition, there was a change in the chairs and in the scenery, which is why “La Voz Argentina” is emerging as one of Telefe’s biggest bets of the year.

As reported the Pavada from Chronicle Journal, “La Voz Argentina” of 2022, would air on Monday, June 6, while they will continue working until July. In that month, Lali Esposito, Soledad Pastorutti, Mau and Ricky and Ricardo Montaner will be free for a while until the live ones begin in the program.

The video that Marley shared as soon as the recordings of “La Voz Argentina” began

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